Flex Warehouse

Whether you are a small business needing office space and material storage, or a large company needing a major distribution center, Evergreen Industrial is your ideal contractor. Regardless of size, we will help you plan and build a practical and economical warehouse specifically designed to maximize the footprint of whatever your work process requires.

Essential Project Considerations:

Pre-Engineered Metal Building vs Concrete (Precast or Tilt)

PEMB is more affordable but less durable than concrete.


Building up is sometimes more practical than building out if you are already maximizing your site footprint.

Unit Segregation

Determining how to practically and economically divide your space.

Dock Access

Dock access across the building is expensive so we help you determine where it’s essential and look at the most effective ways to implement it.

Clear Heights

Vertical space can be just as crucial as horizontal space when you are storing bulk goods, so we help you evaluate how cost effective it is to “build-up.”


The nature of how a space is being used changes over time and our team helps you focus on how to keep a space viable for years to come.

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