Food and Beverage Production

Construction of facilities for the food and beverage industry can be particularly challenging due to the additional attention required to comply with quality, safety and cleanliness standards.  Hiring a non-specialty contractor without extensive understanding of FDA, USDA, SQF, GFSI and OSHA guidelines can cost business owners thousands of dollars in fines and rework.  With Evergreen Industrial, these specific guidelines are understood from the onset of the project and adhered to throughout the project. We have completed a multitude of food and beverage industry related projects and have the expertise necessary to protect your ongoing operations.

Essential Project Considerations:

GMP Protocols

Maintaining cleanliness and controlled environments.

Elimination of Cross Contamination

Creating temporary enclosures to encapsulate work efforts is often a necessary practice in food process environments.


Having a general contractor and architect work hand in glove to develop the most effective and affordable design.

SQF Audit Standards

SQF Audit Standards:

Isolation of Work Activities

Keeping construction activities segregated from food process areas.

Down Day Minimization

Working with production officials to plan work around scheduled plant shutdowns to minimize the opportunity for lost production output.

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