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Intelligent design and construction of an office environment is vitally important for every business.  Evergreen Industrial collaborates closely with owners and designers to create interesting and engaging business environments, improving employee productivity and satisfaction.  Natural lighting, visual stimulation and clean finishes greatly enhance an office, and Evergreen strives to bring these aspects and more to a project in an affordable and creative fashion.

Essential Project Considerations:


Using subtle design and construction techniques to make your office feel like home.


Building a space in a way that makes it less about the business and more about the people who make the business run.


Bringing as much natural light into the space as possible to help people feel connected to the outdoors.

Collaborative Environments

Creating pockets throughout office areas to encourage employee collaboration and interface.


Building office environments that can be changed to support different team environments as the company evolves.


Making a space genuinely convey the style and mission of our clients.


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