Industrial Manufacturing

From chemical plants to heavy mining and mineral extraction, Evergreen Industrial has constructed facilities for a myriad of different companies within the industrial sector. We understand that the ability to operate during construction is vitally important to your companies’ success. To ensure the ability to meet your manufacturing deadlines, we take a practical approach to design and construction and streamline these processes to minimize non-productive time while delivering an affordable building that helps you achieve your production goals.

Essential Project Considerations:

Minimizing Operational Downtime

Looking for the fastest forms of construction starting with design and running all the way through to construction methods.

Industrial Engineering/Process Efficiency Design

Working with consultants to evaluate potential production efficiencies that can be achieved through design and construction.

Lean Manufacturing/TQM

Using the design and construction of a new facility to introduce Kaizen into your work place.

Employee Productivity

Creating environments that help people do their job better (more task lighting, shorter travel distances to work areas).

OSHA Compliance

Safety is a paramount concern on any construction site, but in industrial environments the concern is heighted due to the dangers that already exist with the active operation.


Industrial spaces take more abuse than typical commercial environments and therefore need more durable building materials incorporated into their design.

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