Oil and Gas

Construction requirements within the oil and gas industry cover a broad spectrum of needs that range dramatically depending on what aspect of the industry you are serving.  With Evergreen, you get a general contractor that understands how these needs vary across the industry because we have worked in every aspect of the spectrum.  Whether you need a highly functional and elegantly designed field office to house support staff, or you are looking for a compressor building at a gathering site, Evergreen industrial can help you satisfy all your building needs.

Essential Project Considerations:

Explosion Proofing

Ensuring that facilities that fall within the blast radius are adequately protected against failure resulting in injury

Quick, Practical, High Quality Construction Solutions for Versatile Environments

Creating the right solution for your operating conditions is critical to long term building success.

Planning and Permitting Challenges

Evergreen helps you navigate all the permitting challenges that can be confronted during the course of a projects design and development.

Adaptability of Space

Being able to create a functional and versatile space that can be repurposed is essential for long term usability.


Oil and gas facilities sustain a lot of abuse from employees and the environments they occupy, so robust building systems have to be implemented to prevent long term degradation.

Accelerated Schedules

Time is always of the essence when building out an oil and gas facility, so our team always looks at the quickest methods of construction to achieve occupancy.

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